2009-07-01 ASMEDIA has finished validation of both Super Speed USB(USB3.0) & SATA 6Gbps PHY
2009-06-02 USB3.0 (Super Speed USB) in ASMedia
2009-05-20 2009 Computex Invitation
2009-05-20 Asmedia Technology Corporation is an Executive Member of the SSD Alliance.
2009-04-10 ASM1442 on Notebook platform
2009-02-28 ASM1442 level shifter is in production
2009-01-01 Next generation PCI GenII and HDMI supported switch IC ASM1441 is launched
2008-11-18 ASMedia Licenses Range of MIPS Cores for Multimedia SoC Development
2008-05-12 2008 Computex
2008-02-20 Next-generation digital photo frame controllers



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