ASM 1443

ASM1443 is a six channel multiplexer integrated with HDMI/DVI level shifter to switch HDMI/DVI signals or PCI Express signals. It provides four differential data signals and also switches Hot Plug signals as well as the AUX+/- signals. ASM1443 is a single chip for HDMI/DVI switch solution. It is designed to support high definition video output for HDMI and DVI. The bandwidth of data rate is up to 2.5Gbps. The signals of ASM1443 are low attenuation signal quality with low bit-to-bit skew and high channel-to-channel noise isolation..
    -  Application
            * PC Motherboards
            * Add-in Cards
            * Docking Station.
    -  Features
            * 1:2 multiplexing of six differential channels Switch
            * Support up to 2.5Gbps data rate
            * Support latched mux select to turn on/off TMDS outputs to enter High-Z state
            * Coverts low-swing AC coupled differential input to HDMI v1.3 compliant open-drain current steering Rx terminated differential output.
            * Integrated 50Ω termination resistors for AC-coupled differential inputs
            * Support PCI Express AC-coupled differential outputs
            * HDMI/DVI outputs slew rate control on TMDS outputs to minimize EMI.
            * HDMI/DVI inputs equalization control to compensate PCB signal loss.
            * No re-timing or software configuration reqired.
            * Integrated Hot Plug Detect-HPD inverting level shifter.
            * Integrated pull-down resistor on HPD input to guarantees “input LOW” when no display is plugged in.
            * Integrated DDC level shifters, controlling by passgate through DDC_EN pin which allows 3.3V termination on PC chipsets and 5V DDC termination on HDMI/DVI connector.
            * DDC_EN function support.
            * Compatible with DVI and HDMI rev1.2
            * 3.3V+/-10% single power supply.
            * ESD protection ability: HBM >4KV
    -  Package Type
            * Green Package QFN 56L (Pb-free)




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