ASM 1452

ASM1452 is a 4-differential channels signal switch which is used to mux/demux LVDS signals. It

support 1:2 or 2:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer switch with low On-Resistance, low crosstalk, operating at

3.0~3.6V supply. With high bandwidth of LVDS bus, the switch could be applied to switch between the

chipset and the docking station. ASM1452 is deigned with high signal performance and protected

against high ESD ability.
 -  Application
      * Notebook
      * Inductry PC
      * Docking Station
 -  Features
      * 4-channels differential signals LVDS switch
      * Support 1:2 multiplexer or 2:1 demultiplexer switch
      * Low On-Resistance: typical 6.4 Ω
      * Low Crosstalk: typical -28dB @f=250MHz
      * Bandwidth: 3GHz @-3dB
      * Low input/output capacitance: 1.1pF
      * VDD operating range: 3.3V+/-10%
      * HBM ESD > 4KV
 -  Package Type
      * Green Package TQFN 42L (Pb-free)



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