ASM1053 - 3G/6G


ASM1053 is the ASMedia 2nd generation single chip solution to bridge the SuperSpeed USB (USB3.0) and High Speed USB (USB2.0) to Serial ATA host interface, embedding 8-bit microprocessor, integrating voltage regulators and spread spectrum control, enhancing the performance, supporting newest USB Attached SCSI Protocol specification.

ASM1053 splits to two products: One is ASM1053 which supports Series ATA 1.5/3.0 Gbps and the other is ASM1053E integrated with ASMedia Series ATA 6 Gbps PHY.

Like ASM1051, ASM1053E has best USB host and SATA device compatibility and practice various specific application, it also improves the power consumption and benchmark performance and integrates more feature to save the BOM cost. ASM1053 is not only to succeed advantage of ASM1051 but also to be the most cost efficiency and best solution.

- Features

* Compliant with USB3.0 Specification Revision 1.0
* Compliant with USB Specification Revision 2.0
* Support USB Super-Speed, High-Speed and Full-Speed Operation
* Support USB Mass Storage Class, Bulk-Only Transport Specification Revision 1.3
* Support UAS Attached SCSI Protocol Specification Revision 1.0
* Compliance with Serial ATA Specification Revision 3.0
* Serial ATA bus up to 6Gbps Signal bandwidth
* Support Spread Spectrum Control of USB3.0 and SATA interface to improve the
   EMI performance
* Integrated 8-bit micro-processor with embedded program RAM and ROM
* Support SPI NVRAM for Vender Specific Application of USB Device Controller
* Support 20/25/30MHz with external crystal mode or 30MHz with Clock input mode
   via strapping
* Integrated internal 5V to 3.3V and 3.3V to 1.2V voltage regulator
* Support 3.3V IO power and 1.2V core power



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