General Description

ASM1442K is the next generation high speed TMDS level shift ICs for High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Digital Video Interface (DVI) video application, supporting the feature oif Deep Color and 3D video format and high video 4K resolution. Those convert low-swing AC-coupled differential input from existing PCI Express in the chipset of PC to HDMI compliant differential output, supporting up to 3.4 Gbps bandwidth of pixel data transition, as indicated in HDMI Rev1.4b. This conversion is automatic and transparent to the user. The devices operate at a single 3.3V supply.
*PC Motherboard
*Graphics Card
*Docking Station
*Coverts low-swing differential input to HDMI open-drain current steering
  Rx terminated differential output
*HDMI/DVI level shifting operation up to 3.4 Gbps per lane
*Maximum data transfer rate conform with HDMI Revision 1.4b specification
*Supporting color depths greater than 24bits deep color mode
*Supporting 3D video format and new content type
*Supporting the high bus bandwidth for the high video 4Kx2K
  resolution display.
*Support DC or AC coupling mode of data input via strapping control
*Support input voltage level detection to squelch signal noise
*Integrated 50Ω termination resistors for AC-coupled differential inputs.
*Enable/Disable feature to turn on/off TMDS inputs and outputs
  to enter low-power state.
*Output slew rate control on TMDS outputs to minimize EMI.
*Transparent operation: no re-timing or software configuration required.
*Integrated programmable receiving equalization.
*Integrated Hot Plug Detect (HPD) level shifter
*Integrated pull-down resistor on HPD input guarantees “input LOW”
 when no display is plugged in.
*Integrated DDC level shifters, controlling by passgate through
 DDC_EN pin which allows 3.3V termination on PC chipset
 and 5V DDC termination on HDMI connector.
*DDC_EN function support.
*Improve EMI performance
*3.3V±10% single power supply.
*ESD protection ability: HBM 4kV
Package Type
*7x7 mm2 QFN 48L



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