General Description

ASM1456B is a 2 differential-channels signal switch which is used to mux or demux high speed signals. It support 1:2 or 2:1 multiplexer or demultiplexer switch, supporting up to 6 Gpbs data transfer bandwitch, with low On Resistance, Low Insertion Loss, operating at 3.3V supply. ASM1456B could be used for SATA/SAS signal interface switching, application in computers, consumer electronics, instrumentation, with high signal performance and protected against high ESD ability.
*Notebook, Servers, Inductry PC, Networking, or Instrumentation
*DAS/NAS Storage, Docking Station, Consumer Electrons, or Telecom
*Quick switch for high speed, high bandwidth differential protocols
  **2 differential channels Mux/Demux switch with single enable
*SATA/SAS switch, up to 6Gbps
*-3dB Bandwidth: 5GHz (typical)
*Low Crosstalk: -30dB (typical) @ 6.0Gbps
*Low Off Isolation: -25dB (typical) @ 6.0Gbps
*Low Insertion Loss: -1.4dB (typical) @ 6.0Gbps
*VDD operating: 3.3V+/-5%
Package Type
*Green Package 28pins QFN
*RoHS compliance
** Halogen-free



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