ASM 1441

ASM1441 is a six channel multiplexer for HDMI/DVI compliance signals. It provides four differential channels switching PCI Express Gen2 and HDMI/DVI compliance signals, and it also provides switching for Hot Plug Detect signals as well as the AUX signals. There are two revisions of ASM1441 switching. The package pinout and drawing of ASM1441A follows ATX platform. The ASM1441B follows BTX platform.
    -  Application
            * HDMI/DVI compliance signals and PCI Express Gen2 signals switching on motherboard, docking stations or add-in cards.
    -  Features
            * 1:2 multiplexing of HDMI/DVI compliance signals or PCI Express Rev2.0 signals
            * Support latched mux select
            * Intra-pair differential skew (< 7ps)
            * Inter-pair skew (< 35ps)
            * Insertion loss for high speed channels (< -2dB @ 2.5Gbps)
            * Crosstalk for high speed channels (< -35dB @ 2.5Gbps)
            * Off isolation for high speed channels (< -35dB @ 2.5Gbps)
            * Single 3.3V+/-10% power supply
            * ESD 8Kv HBM
    -  Package Type
            * QFN 56L
            * Lead free, RoHs compliance.




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