General Description
The ASM1062 is ASMedia’s second generation Serial ATA Advantage HCI controller, bridges PCI Express Gen2 x2 to two ports of Serial ATA 6Gps, enables Serial ATA PHY up to 6Gps high speed interface, supports SRIS (Separate Refclk Independent SSC) function, complies with Serial ATA Revision 3.2 Specification.
ASM1062 is highly integrated with ASMedia PCI Express and SATA 6Gbps self-designed PHYs. ASM1062 can be applied on PC, mobile, servers, IPC, consumer electronic devices, storage devices, and communication applications.
    ►General Features
           • Embedded 8-bit microprocessor
           • Option Rom and firmware support through 64K Byte SPI flash
           • Two GPIO pins can be programmed for the LEDs of each SATA port
           • 20 MHz or 25 MHz external crystal
           • Integrated Core power switching regulator
           • 3.3V IO power and 1.2V Core power
           • Industry Specifications Compliance:
             → PCI Express Base Specification Rev.2.0
             → PCI Express Card Electromechanical Rev.2.0
             → Serial ATA AHCI Spec. Rev.1.3
             → Serial ATA Revision 3.2
    ►PCI Express Features
           • Support up to two lane of PCI Express
           • 2.5 and 5.0Gbps seed negotiation
           • Single virtual channel
           • Embedded Spread Spectrum Controller
           • Supports Separate Refclk Independent SSC
           • Supports PCI Express Link Layer Power Management
           • Supports Message Signaled Interrupt
           • 100MHz differential PCI Express reference clock in
    ►Serial ATA Features
          • Supports 2 ports Serial ATA PHY
          • 1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps and 6.0Gbps seed negotiation
          • SATA PHY 1i/1m/2i/2m/3i
          • Supports AHCI and IDE programming interface
          • Supports Native Command Queue (NCQ)
          • Supports Port Multiplier command based switching
          • Support Partial and Slumber Power Management States
          • Supports Drive Power Control and Staggered Spin-up
          • Supports S.M.A.R.T feature
Package Type
          • Green package 8x8 QFN 64 (pb-free)-RoHS Compliant




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