♦General Description

 Engaged in High Speed I/O solution development, Asmedia Technology is committed to enlarging product portfolio with introducing PCI Express Bridge Products. The ASM1085, x1 PCI Express to 32-bit PCI Bridge, enables users to connect legacy parallel bus devices to the advanced serial PCI Express interface. The ASM1085 is a PCI Express-to-PCI forward bridge, fully compliant with PCI-SIG PCI Express-to-PCI Bridge Specification1.0.

    ►General Features
         • I2C Serial EEPROM support
         • Extensive PME support
         • 3.3/1.2V power supply
         • Legacy mode support
         • Industry Specifications Compliance:
           → PCI Express Base Specification Rev. 1.0a/ 1.1
           → PCI Bus Power Management Interface Rev.2.0
           → PCI Express Card Electromechanical Rev.2.0
           → PCI Specification Rev.3.0
           → PCIE to PCI/PCIX Bridge Specification Rev.1.0
         • 14mmx14mm 128-pin LQFP package
         • Green package with RoHs compliance
   ►PCI Express Features
         • x1 PCI Express lane, at 2.5GHz signaling
         • Single virtual channel
         • SSC support
         • ECRC and Advanced Error Reporting capability
         • 100-MHz differential PCI Express reference clock in
         • Maximum Payload Size up to 128 bytes
         • No PCIe ASPM support
   ►PCI Features
         • Support PCI bus 33 MHz
         • Support 5 PCI masters
         • CLKRUN support
         • PME support
         • 5V tolerance
♦ Package Type
         • LQFP 128L





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