General Description

Engaged in Gigabit Data transfer Speed I/O solution development, ASMedia Technology is committed to enlarging product portfolio with introducing USB3.0 HUB controller Products. The ASM1074L, the four downstream ports USB3.0 HUB Controller, high integrated with ASMedia SuperSpeed USB3.0 and USB2.0 self-design PHYs, enables high speed PHY interface up to 5Gbps, following universal Series Bus 3.0 Revision 1.0 specification. 



    ►USB3.0 HUB Features

          • Universal series Bus 3.0 Revision 1.0 Compliance

          • Upstream Port support SuperSpeed, High-Speed and Full-Speed Connections

          • For Downstream Ports Support SuperSpeed, High-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed Connections

          • Implement USB3.0 power management function

            → SuperSpeed link Power Management Support

             USB2.0 Link Power Management support

          • USB Attached SCSI Protocol Revision 1.0 Compliance

          • Multiple Transaction Translator Support

          • Port Power Switching Support for Pot 1

          • Gang mode Support for Port 2, 3, 4

          • Remarkable with Removable or permanently attached

    ►Battery Charge Features
        • Automatic Battery Charge function detection support for Port 1
        • Battery Charge Rev1.2 specification Compliance.
        • Support Battery Charge function for portable devices, like Cellphones and Pads.
        • Support the charge function while the system enters active or suspend state

    ►General Feature

          • Integrated 8-bit RISC microprocessor

          • SPI flash support for customized firmware 

          • I2C EEPROM support for customized configuration

          • Uploadable Firmware & Configuration via upstream port

          • Integrated 5V to 3.3V linear regulator

          • Self-power and bus-power support

          • Automatic power type detection and dynamic power type switch

          • Flexible and selectable clock source

             Could select crystal mode or external clock mode

            → Support 25MHz crystal

             Support 48MHz clock input from external clock generator

          • Two Power Supply domain

             IO power supply with 3.3V+/-0.3V

            → Core power supply 1.05V+/-0.05V

          • 8x8 mm2 64-pin QFN package

          • Green Package with RoHs Compliance



Package Type

          • QFN64L



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