♦General Description
The ASM1458 is a triple channels high speed interface quick switch, used to mux/demux 2:1/1:2 USB3.0 signals. It supports one lane (dual channel) for SupperSpeed transmitter and recievr, and the other one differential channel for USB2.0 D+/D- signal quick switch, up to 5Gbps Signal bandwidth, supporting USB SuperSpeed, High Speed, Full Speed, Low Speed interface, designed with high benadwidth, low ON-Resistance, low input/output capacitance, and low signal performance degradation, operating at 3.0~3.6V power supply. ASM1458 is protected against high ESD ability and fully compliance with USB3.0 specification Revision 1.0.

     • 1:2 or 2:1 DeMux/Mux Switch
     • Support Triple Channels:
        → Two channels for SuperSpeed Transmitter and Receiver
        → One channel for USB2.0 D+/D-
     • Support SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed USB interface
     • Low On-Resistance:
     • Low Crosstalk: typical -33dB @f=3GHz
     • Bandwidth: -3dB @ 4GHz
     • Low input/output capacitance: 0.8pF for USB3.0
     • VCC operating range: 3.3V+/-10%
     • Green Package TQFN 42L (Pb-free)
     • RoHS compliance



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