ASM1446 & ASM1447

♦General Description

ASM1446 and ASM1447 series product are the high speed Mux/DeMux 2:1/1:2 switch used for DisplayPort Switch. ASM1446 supports two differential channels and ASM1447 supports four different channels. Those are designed to support high resolution video output, support up to 5.4Gbps data rate, compliant with DisplayPort Revision 1.2, offer low attenuation signal quality with low bit-to-bit skew and high channel-to-channel noise isolation. Those can be used as the video driver to switch multiple video outputs for PC graphic applications, such as for LCD monitor, project, and TV; it also can be used as the receiver switch multiple video sources, such as DVD, D-VHS, and STB; otherwise, it could be applied in thunderbolt host or device application, too.


      • 2 or 4 differential channels
      • Mux/DeMux 2:1/1:2 switch
      • Support up to 5.4Gbps data rate
      • Low bit-to-bit skew
      • High Bandwidth
      • Low attenuation signal quality



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