♦General Description
ASM1562 is a one lane, 2 differential channels SuperSpeedPlus USB3.1 Gen2 Retimer, up to 10Gbps signal interface, following USB3.1 standard specification, supporting USB3.1 Gen-I and Gen-II, designing with advance adaptive CTLE and CDR for receiver circuit and transmit de-emphasis, pre-shooting driver, eliminating input jitter and ISI to suppress the noise output. ASM1562 is implemented with external 24MHz crystal input mode, integrating PWM regulator for core power, optimizing the signal performance setting by external strapping pins or programmable through SMBus. It is used for signal integrity performance enhancement to across long PCB traces or cables application. ASM1562 is an industry standard 24-pin QFN Green package, compliant with RoHS, operating from a single 1.8V supply voltage.

♦ Features
      • SuperSpeedPlus USB retimer
      • 1 lane, 2 differential channels
      • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.1 Rev1.0
      • Bus bandwidth up to 10Gbps
      • Noise and input jitter suppression
      • Transmitter and Receiver equalizer
      • Compensate channel loss by transmit equalizer
      • SMBus slave interface
      • Local 24MHz crystal
      • 1.8V/1.2V power supply

♦Package Type
      • Green Package 4x4 mm2 QFN 24 (Pb-free)
      • RoHS Compliance



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