♦General Description

The ASM1464 is a one lane (Dual-channel) 5Gbps Superspeed Universal Serial Bus Repeater with green package QFN 24 pins, used to recover the signal degradation and optimize the signal performance for SuperSpeed USB interface over a variety of physical mediums, supporting the function of automatic receiver detection, input signal detection and level squelch, and intelligent power down management. ASM1464 has implemented a patented smart feature, "Python" technology, used for the automatic signal performance optimization with various advantages. The decice is fully compatible with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 revision 1.0

     • SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus Compatible
     • Two differential signal pairs
     • Up to 5Gbps bandwidth
     •100 ohm differential CML IOs
     • Integarte Receiver Detect Cricuit
     • Input signal automatic detection and level-squelch
     • Configurable/Programmable Output Emphasis Control
     • ASMedia Python Technology
     • SuperSpeed Link Power Management Support
     • 3.3V power supply

♦Package Type
     • Green Pachage QFN 24L(Pb-free)
     • RoHS Compliance



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