♦General Description
The ASM1467 is a one lane (Dual-channel) high speed interface redriver for NGFF interface, using to recover the high speed signal degradation and optimize the signal performance over a variety physical mediums, supporting training signaling and input signal detection and level squelch with link power management. ASM1467 is also implemented with ASMedia Python Technology for the signal performance optimization automatically, and also support configurable Emphasis by strapping pin.

     • One lane (Dual Channel) High speed interface redriver
     • Two differential signal pairs
     • 100 ohm differential CML IOs
     • Implement ASMedia patented “Python” technology
     • Pin configurable for Output Emphasis Control
     • Input signal automatic detection and level squelch for each channel
     • PCI Express or SATA mode selection by strapping pin17 ~ MOSEL
     • PCI Express Base Revision 2.0 Compatible
     • Link Power Management Support
     • Serier ATA Rev3.0 Comaptible
     • SATA PHY 1i/1m/2i/2m/3i capable
     • Out-Of-Band (OOB) Signaling Support
     • Three ways for Signal Performance Optimization
        →“Python” mode: recover the signal automatically
        →“Manual” mode: fine tune singal performance through strapping pins
        →“SMbus” mode: enhance signal performance via programming internal registers
        → Refer to the Top marking section to identify the parts of “Python” or “Manual” mode
        → No matter “Python” or “Manual”, the system could program internal register via SMbus
      • Low power operation design
      • Single 3.3V power supply

♦Package Type
      • Green Package 4x4 mm2 QFN 20L (Pb-free)



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