Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

In the pursuit of business growth, the Company also strives for social welfare and sustainable development of the environment and ecological balance. As a result, we are committed to implementing and following the RBA's Code of Conduct.

1. Respect the human rights of workers: Including respecting the freedom of employees, prohibiting any form of forced labor, not using child labor, providing safe and healthy working and living conditions, ensuring the safety and health of employees, prohibiting any form of discrimination, prohibiting any inhumane treatment, and providing workers with wages, benefits and working hours in accordance with the law.

2. Provide a healthy and safe working environment for workers, including ensuring occupational safety, providing emergency preparedness programs, managing occupational injuries and illnesses, and maintaining public health.

3. Undertake environmental responsibility by minimizing adverse impacts on society, the environment and natural resources during the manufacturing process while protecting the health and safety of the public.

4. Comply with highest standards of ethics, including honesty and impartiality, operating with integrity, no improper gain or bribery, benefit avoidance, respecting intellectual property rights, providing an anonymous complaint or whistleblower system to protect the confidentiality of whistleblowers, and prohibiting retaliation.


Support & Nurture

The Company actively negotiate with schools for industry-academia cooperation programs, sponsor overseas competitions and support international seminars. Through practical experience sharing with industry professionals, we provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the industry's technical expertise while studying, and through sponsoring overseas competitions and organizing international seminars, we expand the horizons of domestic students. We also hope to establish a long-term campus development program, so that students can gain more relevant experience after graduation or further training, and eventually contribute what they have learned in the workplace.


Enhancing the Quality of Academic Research and Expanding International Perspectives (2016~2020)
Sponsorship for National Tsing Hua University of Science and Technology Management on Overseas Learning Multiplier Project
Sponsorship for National Taiwan University (NTU) Project on Collaborative Research in Construction and Education
Sponsorship for National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) Industry-Academia Collaborative Academic Research Program
Sponsorship of FRC Robotics Team for Taipei Municipal of Jianguo High School
Sponsorship of Financial Engineering Seminar at National Tsing Hua University
Sponsorship of Taiwan IC Design Society (TICD)


Medical Support

To improve the quality and environment of medical care in the country through the sustainable operation of donated medical institutions and foundations


Health Care Support (2019~2020)
Health care support for the Good Liver Foundation's support of liver disease prevention and treatment
Sponsorship of the Digestive Organs Transplantation Foundation to enhance the research environment and promote academic development
Sponsoring the Taiwan Head and Neck Society to organize medical and academic activities


Social Welfare

Emergency Rescue: (2015~2016)

In the spirit of saving precious lives, we participate in social emergencies: e.g., the dust fire at Formosa Fun Coast and the petrochemical explosion in Kaohsiung.

Donation and support for public welfare organizations: (2021)

Invoice donation: Recipient organizations include Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation and Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation.

Merchandise support and response: Action support to order afternoon tea and Chinese New Year gift boxes from Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation.

Resource Recycling: (2015~2021)

We donate computers to schools and participate in 「Your Old PC, Their New Hope」, a program to recycle used computer resources and make our company's resources sustainable and properly used in other areas, in an effort to reduce the digital divide.

[Step30 Donations to Africa], in response to the African Kenya Relief Project.

Rural Education: (2021)

Sponsoring the 2021 Protect Forest Experience Camp to promote self-respect, love for others, and help for the local community. Support rural children to participate in related camp activities.


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