Remuneration System

Salary Structure

Through a functional performance management mechanism which connects the Company's overall strategic goals and individual work accomplishments with reference to departmental and individual performances, as well as teamwork / integrity / corporate recognition / company business evaluation indicators. Through multi-faceted performance evaluation and effective motivation policies, all employees are given fair and just performance rewards to provide better work efficiency and R&D results..


Basic salary Year-end bonus Other bonuses
Based on employee's past work experience, ability and job evaluation. The basic salary is better than the Labor Standards Act and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, nationality or race. Based on the Company's overall operating performance and individual performance. According to departmental performance and individual performance, such as project bonuses for R&D units...etc.

Salary Adjustment Mechanism

The Company makes reference to the market and public sector salary adjustment standards and the company's overall operational performance, departmental and personal performance with a guaranteed annual salary of 14 months. Salary will be adjusted every year according to the market mechanism and the company's operation.


Reference to market and public sector salary adjustment standards Reference to departmental and individual performance standards Performance appraisal salary adjustment
Salaries are adjusted annually with reference to the market and public sector salary adjustment standards, and in accordance with market salary levels and economic trends. Salaries are adjusted according to the company's overall operating performance, departmental and individual performance. Annual salary adjustment and promotion based on performance appraisal.


Welfare Policy

Employees are the most important assets of the Company, and the company has always provided welfare measures and labor conditions that are better than the laws and regulations. In addition to the labor conditions stipulated in the Labor Standards Act and related laws and regulations, we actively plan to provide a number of welfare measures to balance the minds and bodies of our employees to provide them with a good work-life balance environment, and have established an Employee Welfare Committee to organize various welfare activities.


Welfare Measures Implementation Status
All employees are entitled to labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, and overseas travel insurance for employees on business trips. In addition to labor insurance and universal health insurance, the company will include all employees in the company's group insurance from the day they report for work, and overseas travel insurance and travel inconvenience insurance for employees on business trips.
Year-end performance bonus In addition to 14 months of guaranteed annual salary, the Company will also issue year-end bonuses with reference to company's overall operating performance and individual performance evaluation.
Patent incentives Employees are encouraged to apply for patents (e.g. inventions, novelties, new styles) and the Patent Examination Committee will give appropriate incentives to the inventor(s) based on the innovation of the patent.
Employee welfare committee The Employee Welfare Committee is established in accordance with the law and allocates 0.08% of the monthly turnover to the Employee Welfare Fund, and assigns the Committee to handle important company date gifts, year-end bonuses, birthday gifts, wedding and funeral subsidies, company trips, clubs, etc.
Establishment of breastfeeding room Set up an elegant and comfortable breastfeeding room for female employees to accommodate all female employees with breastfeeding needs.
Childcare facilities Signed a special contract with a good nursery or childcare center near the company to reduce the anxiety of our colleagues about childcare.
Car parking subsidies Provides subsidies for parking fees.
Discounted cell phone call rates Signed a corporate call group discounted rate for Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) with Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile to provide employees and their friends and family with more favorable rates on communication.
Health checkups Hold regular health checkups and provide related health consultation and health seminars every year to keep an eye on the health of our employees.
Regular weekly massage service To relieve the pressure of various projects at work and to uphold the spirit of social support, we arrange for visually impaired massage therapists to provide massage service at specific times in the Company.
Free coffee, tea and magazines in staff lounge To provide a comfortable leisure space, we have set up a staff lounge to provide free coffee, tea and magazines.
Long-term service employee recognition An award for long-term serviced employees is established and awarded regularly every year.
Childcare allowance In response to the government's policy to encourage childbirth and to help reduce the burden of caring for newborns, the Company provides an additional childcare allowance of NT$3,000 per month for the newborn infant of our employees until they reach the age of 4.
Retirement system For those employees who are subject to the old pension system under the Labor Standards Act, monthly contributions to the retirement fund are made in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and are supervised by the Labor Retirement Fund Supervisory Committee of the Company and deposited in Bank of Taiwan, which is responsible for the receipt, custody and utilization of the fund. For those employees who are subject to the new pension system under the Labor Pension Act, the Company shall pay a monthly contribution rate of 6% to the Labor Pension Fund in accordance with the Labor Pension Act, and the monthly contributions shall be deposited in the employee's personal pension account established by the Bureau of Labor Insurance in accordance with the monthly salary scale approved by the Executive Yuan.


Happy Workplace


Our office environment is designed with the safety of our employees as the first consideration, to ensure that they are protected at work. All entrances and exits of the company are equipped with access control devices, and the main entrances and exits are guarded by security personnel to protect the personal safety of employees. All of our electrical and mechanical equipment (such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers) are regularly maintained and repaired on a yearly, quarterly and monthly basis to ensure that they are in the best possible condition at all times. In addition, we regularly conduct annual health checkups and fire drills for our employees so that they can have a proper understanding of their workplace safety and be able to respond correctly when they encounter unexpected situations. At the same time, the company also has public accident liability insurance to increase the protection of employees at work.


Periodic inspection of drinking water dispenser: regularly check the Escherichia coli (E. coli) value of drinking water in the water dispenser.

Detection of carbon dioxide concentration in office every six months.

Office is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Smoke-free, well-equipped fitness facilities, and a workplace with adequate health care. Our efforts in workplace and employee safety protection measures have been recognized and awarded by Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare with a badge for "Accredited Healthy Workplace - Smokefree & Health Promotion".

Workplace Assistance:

Provide EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Our services include legal, financial, psychological, medical, and management services, providing professional consultation and referral to necessary resources, and keeping the privacy of our employees confidential. We hope that through the introduction of EAP services, we can bring our employees a full range of combat power and create a happy and prosperous life!



Human Rights Protection Policy

Human Rights Protection Policy

Our company attaches great importance to the promotion of labor human rights policy. The Company's internal rules and regulations, code of conduct for employees, and disciplinary regulations for employees are regularly reviewed. In order to protect the human rights of workers, we believe that every employee should be treated fairly and humanely and with respect. In order to maintain gender work equality and employee dignity, we have established our own procedures for the protection of female workers and the prevention and handling of sexual harassment, and have also established an employee grievance channel: a sexual harassment complaint line and an email address to immediately and appropriately address the situation to protect employee rights and interests and enhance workplace safety. In order to protect all employees from physical or mental abuse and psychological illnesses in the course of performing their duties, we do not allow our employees or customers, clients or strangers to commit acts of workplace violence against our employees, nor do we allow our management supervisors to commit acts of workplace bullying.

Policy Implementation
Complies with local regulations and international standards The Company complies with local regulations and supports and respects international labor and human rights norms.
Labor Rights Each employee's labor contract with the Company is established in accordance with local regulations.
No forced labor The employment relationship is established by a written labor contract in accordance with the law, which states that the employment relationship is based on the premise of mutual consent and no forced labor is allowed.
Child labor The Company shall not employ child laborers under the age of 16, and any actions that may result in the employment of child laborers are not permitted. Young workers over the age of 16 and under the age of 18 shall not engage in work that may be dangerous or hazardous to health, including night duty or overtime work.
Working hours The weekly working hours should not exceed the maximum limit prescribed by local law. In addition, except in case of emergency or abnormal conditions, the working hours in a week shall be 40 hours according to the law, and the monthly overtime shall not exceed 46 hours. In principle, the working week shall be 7 days with 2 days off.
Wages and benefits Wages paid to employees shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and statutory benefits. In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, employees shall be paid the hourly rate of pay for overtime work in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Act.
Humane treatment No cruel and inhumane treatment of employees, including sexual harassment, verbal or physical violence or workplace bullying in any form of workplace violence.
Anti-discrimination The Company prohibits all tangible or intangible acts of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace and expressly excludes race, gender, age, marital status, political affiliation, or religious beliefs as criteria for appointment, evaluation, and promotion of employees, and cooperates with companies that adhere to these principles.

This policy shall be implemented and amended upon approval by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Human Rights Protection Policy

Our company adheres to the spirit of global citizenship and does not discriminate or treat employees unequally regardless of race, religion, color, nationality, disability, or other factors; it is regulated in accordance with various laws and regulations. In order to mitigate human rights risks, the company is actively taking specific measures to create a quality and friendly working environment and working atmosphere, and to manage in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In the future, we will continue to actively promote human rights to our employees through education and training or other related measures, in the hope of reducing human rights risks and fully realizing our responsibility to respect and protect human rights through the efforts of our company and supervisors at all levels. Through the company's internal rules and regulations, the code of conduct for employees and employee disciplinary regulations. To protect the labor rights of all employees and to ensure that each employee is treated fairly and with respect. We will also maintain gender equality and employee dignity at work. The specific measures are as follows:

1. To establish the relevant regulations of the Gender Equality Act.

2. To establish the prevention and treatment of sexual harassment in our company, and to establish a channel for employee complaints: a sexual harassment complaint line and an e-mail address to immediately handle the situation appropriately, in order to protect the rights of employees and strengthen workplace safety.

3. In order to protect all employees from physical or mental abuse and psychological illness in the course of performing their duties, we do not allow our employees or clients, customers and strangers to commit acts of workplace violence against our employees, nor do we allow our management to commit acts of workplace bullying. We will establish a workplace bullying complaint line and e-mail address and immediately handle the situation appropriately to protect the rights of employees and enhance workplace safety.

4. Complete education and training: Complete the "Workplace Friendly - From the Perspective of Human Rights Protection" course for all supervisors, and ask supervisors to fill out a "Workplace Misconduct Checklist" after the course to identify and manage potential high-risk groups for the Company.