Comfortable Working Environment、User-Friendly Management、
Barrier-Free Communication、Harmony in Organizational Atmosphere

  • Working Hours 5 days a week, flexible working hours, self-control management.
  • Quarterly Departmental Gatherings Departmental quarterly meal fund is provided for team gathering in building positive team atmosphere and better connections.
  • Staff-Only Gym Equipped with heavy-duty training equipments as well as table-tennis room, shower room in creating a high-energy atmosphere.
  • Healthy Workplace Seeking balance in sports and life in promoting healthy lifestyle and encouraging to know more about health management.
  • Strive for Happiness Having stress at work or experiencing neck or shoulder pain? We have hired trained masseur/masseuse to relieve work stress.
  • Staff LoungeProvides spacious and comfortable atmosphere for a pleasant eating experience and promote friendship with co-workers.
  • Lactation Room An independent, secured lactation room which provides comfort, privacy, clean, sanitized space for nursing mums.
  • Barrier-Free Communication : Clear communication and sound interactions between employee and supervisor.
  • Convenient Location MRT station, coach and bus stops nearby. Free commuter rides directly to the company.

Comprehensive Welfare System

  • Leave Management System

    Annual leave package is superior than stated within Labor Standards Act.

  • Complete Insurance Coverage

    Labor insurance, health insurance, pension reimbursement, full-protection of group insurance service to employee and their relatives.

  • Assorted Allowances

    NT$4,000 / month for new infants until the age of six, labor day voucher, birthday allowances, wedding allowances, maternity allowances, funeral allowances, injury or illness condolence allowances, etc.…

  • Annual Company Trip

    Selected five-star hotel to stay for employee appreciation.

  • Health Examination

    Work with well-known domestic health centers in providing annual health check with on-site nurse to protect the health of employee.

  • Comprehensive Education and Training

    Invite academic scholars and experts to seminar annually for developing wider vision, understanding market trends and improving career talents.

  • Meal for Overtime

    Dinner is served by company for employee appreciation.

  • Afternoon Tea

    Fine assorted beverages provided at end of each month for employee appreciation.

  • Specialty Stores Offer

    Enjoy specialty store discounts, allowing you to experience VIP services.

  • Retirement System

    In accordance with the provisions of Labor Pension Regulations, retirement fund is stored in employee's labor retirement account.

  • Club Activity

    The diversified club activities allow you to relive the enthusiasm of the student period.

  • End of Year Banquet

    Delicious food with rich prizes waiting for you!!

Competitive Salary

Top talents are welcome to join us.

  • Guaranteed annual wage

  • Patent Bonus

  • Year-End Bonuses

  • Referral Bonus

  • Salary Adjustments

  • Channel for Promotion