Our stakeholders’ opinions matter. We seek to engage with our stakeholders at all levels in open communication to understand their key concerns and expectations of our business and practices. Multiple channels of communications are utilized to engage effectively and understand the distinct requirements of our various stakeholders. We are so grateful for your continuous support. Your feedback will help us to improve our products and services.


Stakeholders Stakeholders' Concerns Contact Point & Frequency
Shareholders or Investors
  • Brand Image
  • Business Performance
  • Product Technology and Competitiveness
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Supplier Environmental Assessment
  • Product Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Supplier Environmental Assessment
  • Supplier Assessment for Labor Practices
  • Process Technology and Quality Yield
  • Mails and calls: Daily
  • Customer Service:
  • Supplier appraisal or audit visit: Once a year
  • Quality meeting: Monthly or quarterly
  • Sign the environmental pledge
  • Employee-Employer relationship
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
  • Education, Training and Performance Evaluation
Government Agencies
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Labor/Management Relations
  • Anti-Corruption and Antitrust
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Community Involvement
  • Labor/Management Relations
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Green Products


For opinions and feedbacks as well as product related inquiries, please contact us via Email: