Remuneration System

01Salary Structure

With a comprehensive performance management system, we measure each individual’s work performance against the company’s overall strategic objectives. The performance evaluation matrix takes into consideration the departmental and individual performances, teamwork, honesty, integrity, corporate identity, as well as employee participation in corporate affairs. Through multi-faceted performance evaluations twice a year and effective motivation policies and incentives, all the employees shall get fair performance rewards. As a result, they are more likely to provide better work efficiency as well as research and development results.

  • Basic Salary

    The salary range is based on the experience and skills of the employee as well as market rates for that work. The basic salary is better than the one specified in the Labor Standards Act and we do not discriminate in pay based on sex, age, nationality, race, etc.

  • Performance Bonus

    The performance bonus is based on the company's overall operating performance and individual performance.

  • Three Holiday Bonuses

    Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Lunar New Year bonuses.

02Salary Adjustment Mechanism

In ASMedia, while our bonus pay is given based on the combination of various factors, including market conditions, public sector pay and adjustment, the overall company performance and profitability, the departmental and individual performances, the guaranteed annual wage for each employee is 14 months of salary each year. In addition, the salary will be adjusted according to the market mechanism and the overall corporate performance.

  • Factor 1: Market conditions and public sector pay and adjustment

    The salary adjustment is determined by a combination of factors, including market rates, public sector pay and adjustment as well as the economic trends.

  • Factor 2: Overall corporate performance, department and individual performances

    A salary increase is also determined by the overall corporate performance, departmental and individual performances.

  • Factor 3: Performance appraisal

    The salary increase or promotion in position depends on the performance evaluation results.(Work results and attitude).

Employee Welfare Policy

ASMedia considers employees to be our most valued asset. We provide welfare measures and working conditions better than the required minimum. In addition, we take a proactive approach to welfare measures that facilitate employees to balance their mind, body and soul at work. We create a happy workplace environment that fosters better employee work-life balance. We also have an Employee Welfare Committee that will organize various welfare activities. The welfare measures are as follows:

  • Welfare Measures & Implementation
  • 01
    All employees are entitled to labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, and international travel insurance for business trips.

    In addition to the labor insurance and the national health insurance, each employee is offered the group insurance coverage, domestic and international travel insurances for business trips from the first day of work.

  • 02
    Year-End Performance Bonus

    We not only guarantee 14 months of salary to each employee, but also give year-end bonuses to employees based on the overall corporate performance and the individual performance evaluation.

  • 03
    Patent Incentives

    Employees are encouraged to apply for patents (e.g. inventions, novelties, and new styles), and the Patent Trial Board will judge the importance of the patent and provide appropriate incentives to the inventor(s).

  • 04
    Employee Welfare Committee

    The Employee Welfare Committee is established under the Employee Welfare Fund Act and applicable rules. We set apart 0.08% of total monthly revenue of business for the employee welfare. The committee is responsible for managing holiday gifts, year-end banquet prizes, birthday gifts, funeral/wedding grants, company trips, club activities and so forth.

  • 05
    Lactation Room

    We set up a beautiful and comfortable lactation room that will meet female workers’ lactation needs. The facility is better than minimally required by the Act of Gender Equality in Employment.

  • 06
    Employee Childcare Benefits

    We have contracted childcare services from outside our company, and these nurseries and childcare centers are located near our office. Our employees can utilize the childcare benefits to reduce their stress and eliminate worry while arranging care for their children during working hours.

  • 07
    Car Parking Subsidy

    We provide parking subsidies to employees.

  • 08
    Corporate Cell Phone Discount

    We have signed a special contract with Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile for discounted wireless service. Our employees can get cheaper phone plans when communicating with their family members and friends.

  • 09
    Physical Examination

    We care about our employees’ health and well-being. We have annual health checkup programs for our employees, and these programs are better than the ones stated in the Labor Standards Act. We also offer health care counseling and health seminars for the employees.

  • 10
    Weekly Massage Service

    As our employees need to work on several projects and may constantly work under a lot of time pressure, we have arranged massage therapists with vision impairment to provide massage service in the office at specific times. The massage service helps to relieve our employees from their work burdens, and by contracting massage therapists who are visually impaired, we are also able to provide social support to those in need in the society.

  • 11
    Staff Lounge

    We set up a staff lounge to create a comfortable leisure space for employees. Tea, coffee and magazines are offered free of charge throughout the day!

  • 12
    Employee Long Service Awards

    We provide long service awards to our employees. Each year we present such awards to the employees who deserve them.

  • 13
    Childcare Allowance

    In response to the government’s measures to boost fertility and help parents to handle the stress of a newborn, we offer the parental leave system that meets the requirements of the law and provide monthly childcare allowances of NT$4,000 to employees until their children turn 6 years old.

  • 14
    Pension Plan

    To ensure the stability of our employees’ post-retirement life, we have implemented labor pension schemes in compliance with the law and established the Labor Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee. Additionally, we make regular monthly contributions to the pension reserve fund, equivalent to 2% of each employee’s total salary. These contributions are stored in individual accounts at the Bank of Taiwan to safeguard their rights. Since July 1, 2005, we have adopted the government’s new pension regulations, contributing 6% of each employee’s total income to their individual pension accounts. Employees who voluntarily contribute to their pension scheme have deductions made based on the voluntary rate from their monthly salaries, which are then sent to their individual pension accounts at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.


In ASMedia, we design the work environment with the health and safety of our employees of paramount importance. Each entrance/exit is equipped with the access control device, and the main entrances and exits are also guarded by security personnel to protect the safety of employees. All the electrical and mechanical equipment, including fire alarms and fire extinguishers, are maintained and repaired on a yearly, quarterly and monthly basis to ensure that they are in the best possible condition at all times. In addition, fire drills are conducted regularly every year to ensure that employees understand how to keep safe in the workplace and know how to respond properly in case of emergencies. To increase protection of employees, we also have public liability insurance.


  • We conduct regular health checks for employees every year.
  • We carry out regular drinking water quality assessments from water dispensers, including measurement of Escherichia coli (E. coli) concentration.
  • We measure carbon dioxide levels every six months.
  • We clean and disinfect the offices regularly.
  • We implement smoke-free policies in the workplace and set up an onsite fitness center as well as adequate medical services in the office. The efforts that we make to provide a healthy work environment and the measures we introduce to protect the safety of employees have made us earn the “Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace” by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

03Workplace Assistance

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Starting from 2023, we contract with Shiuhli to provide the Employee Assistance Program. We are committed to accompanying our employees throughout their entire journey at ASMedia. They deserve to be heard, understood, and accepted with support and respect. They will know themselves better, find their positive traits, and light up each other’s lives in ASMedia!

ASMedia Human Rights Policy

Human rights are basic rights and fundamental freedoms inherent to all human beings. Respect for human rights is one of ASMedia’s core values. Our Human Rights Policy embodies the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, and the core conventions of the International Labour Organization to protect human rights. Our Human Rights Policy protects the human rights of our employees, including full-time, part-time and contract employees, and aims to reach the goal of managing and mitigating risks of human rights violations. In addition to the Human Rights Policy, ASMedia assesses human rights risks occasionally, revising the policy according to the assessment outcome, and sets up the whistleblower reporting system. We are committed to protecting the basic rights and freedoms of each employee.

  • Human Rights Policy
  • 01
    Human Rights and Labor Law Compliance

    ASMedia consistently maintains compliance with local laws, and supports and respects international labor rights and regulations.

  • 02
    Labor Rights

    All employee contracts are compliant with local laws and regulations.

  • 03
    Prohibition of Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

    ASMedia prohibits forced, debt-bonded or indentured labor, involuntary prison labor, slavery or trafficking of persons. We prohibit transporting, harboring, recruiting, transferring or receiving persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction or fraud. The employment relationship is built based on the written employment contract in accordance with the law. The employment contract is signed based on mutual consent.

  • 04
    Prohibition of Child Labor

    ASMedia will not employ anyone under the age of 16 in any position, and workers under the age of 18 should not perform hazardous work, overtime, or night shift work.

  • 05
    Working Hours in Compliance with the Law

    Working hours are not to exceed the maximum set by local law. An employee can work no more than 40 hours per week, unless in case of emergency, or in case of abnormal situations. Maximum overtime hours should not exceed 46 hours per month. A worker shall have two regular days off every seven days.

  • 06
    Wages and Benefits

    ASMedia expects employee compensation to comply with laws about wage, including minimum wage, overtime and legally mandated benefits. Under the Labor Standards Act, the worker shall get paid overtime wages using the relevant basis.

  • 07
    Humane Treatment

    We forbid inhumane treatment or any kind of violence, including sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse or bullying.

  • 08

    ASMedia prohibits harassment and discrimination in any form in the workplace. We do not engage in discrimination or harassment based on race, color, gender, age, disability, marital status, political affiliation or religious belief in hiring and employment practices such as wages, evaluations, promotions, rewards, and access to training. We do business with companies who follow these principles.

  • 09
    Equal Pay for Equal Work

    We provide equal pay for work of substantially equal value and efficiency, and protect against wage discrimination based on sex.

Strategies for Protecting Human Rights


As a global citizen, we are inclusive. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, nationality, disability or engage in any acts that will result in discrimination or unfair treatment; we comply with human rights obligations. To mitigate human rights risks, we establish a friendly working environment, and actively implement several measures: We have issued the Statement on the Prohibition of Workplace Violence on our corporate website. We have made the violence prevention management plan and set up the grievance mechanisms to protect all employees from physical or mental abuse while performing their job duties. Moreover, we have imposed the protection procedures for female workers as well as the prevention and treatment strategies for sexual harassment to protect gender equality at work and prevent sexual harassment. We also provide the sexual harassment mechanism to lodge complaints and will handle any relevant case immediately in a proper way. We will continue to provide human rights education, training and other related measures for the employees, and meanwhile, the managers will take responsibility for leading the employees to reduce human rights risks, and fully respect and protect the human rights in the workplace.

The specific measures are as follows:
  • We introduce related regulations in compliance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment.
  • We introduce prevention and treatment strategies for sexual harassment. We have put in place formal grievance processes to enable anyone to report human rights concerns. To protect workers’ rights and enhance workplace safety, we have set up a sexual harassment Helpline and a report Mailbox to properly handle the situation on time.
  • We have set up grievance processes to protect our workers from suffering physical or psychological abuse when performing their duties. We prohibit any workplace violence, threat, intimidation, or harassment against, or by, any of our customers, employees or managers. The grievance Mailbox is We will promptly investigate allegations and pursue action to mitigate any adverse safety impacts.
  • We provide the comprehensive human rights training program for all the managers. They already participated in the course on “Friendly Workplace: From the Perspective of Human Rights Protection,” and were required to fill in the form of “Measurement of Workplace Human Rights Violations.” The forms serve as an indicator for us to identify and manage potential human rights violations as well as people who are at a higher risk of human rights abuse.