Privacy Policy

ASMedia Technology Inc. (the “Company”) respects your privacy. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), we will elucidate how we collect, use, process, and safeguard the personal information you provide on this website. Unless you voluntarily provide it, the Company will not collect your personal information through this website. By entering your personal information on the webpage, you indicate your consent for the Company to collect, process, and use your information in accordance with the Policy. Your browsing and use of the website is considered your consent to the content of this statement.

Collection of Personal Data

In the Policy, the term “personal information” refers to any information that can directly or indirectly identify an individual. This includes, but is not limited to information such as name, National Identification number, passport number, address, phone number, email, birthday, marital status, family details, education, occupation and financial conditions.

The Company collects the aforementioned information with the aim of delivering more prompt and high-quality information and services to you. When subscribing to electronic newsletters, using relevant services, or participating in activities on this website, you may be required to provide personal information for contact purposes, service provision, or subscription processing. In such cases, the Company will communicate the purpose of data collection, its intended usage, and provide options for you to limit information and terminate provision. This notice employs clear and transparent language to convey your freedom to choose whether or not to provide personal information.

When you use the website, our server will automatically record relevant information such as your IP address, the browsers you use, and your activity history. The Company may compile the information regarding your browsing patterns and those of other users for research purposes.

The Use of Personal Data

The Company will use your personal information to contact you, such as sending business information, digital newsletters, or emails. Without your prior consent, the Company will never disclose, sell, or share your personal information with unrelated organizations for marketing or sales purposes. Nonetheless, the Company reserves the right to provide your personal information to affiliated companies, agents, or contractors within the scope of the aforementioned services.

If, according to the law or due to a court or government order, search warrant, subpoena, or when it is necessary to provide your personal information for us to cooperate with law enforcement or for the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of the Company and its affiliated companies, the Company will also provide relevant information in accordance with the law.

In addition, you have the following rights with regard to your personal information in accordance with relevant laws: the right to request your personal data for inspection, the right to request limitations on the processing of your personal data, the right to refuse to provide your personal data, the right to request deletion of your personal data, the right to request correction of your inaccurate personal data, the right to object to the continued processing of your personal data, the right to request the transfer of your personal data to another controller, and the right to withdraw consent at any time. If you have any disagreements regarding the ways we use your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority in your jurisdiction.

If you wish to access, modify, or delete any personal data held by the Company, you can contact us via

Security and Accuracy of Information

The Company has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to ensure the security, accuracy, and timeliness of your personal data. In the event of identifying inaccuracies within your personal information, we will promptly correct the erroneous information or delete it.

The Retention Period of Personal Data

The Company has made every effort to implement reasonable measures to ensure that the retention of your personal data is solely for the necessary duration to fulfill legitimate purposes. This retention persists until you explicitly communicate to the Company the termination of data retention or until legal obligations necessitate the discontinuation of data retention.

The Use of Cookie Technology

The Company’s website services utilize Cookie technology. In accordance with legal regulations or upon obtaining your prior consent, this website will establish Cookies on your device or retrieve existing Cookies from your device. The functionalities of Cookies encompass the recording of information regarding your device or browser, the capture of your preferences, and the tracking of browsing habits to enhance the provision of tailored services. The majority of internet browsers are configured to accept Cookies by default. Depending on your chosen browser, you can configure it to notify you before accepting Cookies, or alternatively, you may opt to directly reject the utilization of Cookies. If you block or clear Cookies, we will not be able to restore your previously set preferences and customization, and this may affect your user experience on this website.

Important Notes

The Policy exclusively pertains to the user’s personal data gathered by the Company through this website. It does not extend to data acquired through advertisements or other hyperlinks leading to the Company’s website. The Company recommends that, when you link to another website, read the privacy protection statements of that particular website carefully before voluntarily providing personal data.

Change Statement

The Company reserves the right to modify the Policy at its discretion without prior notice. Amendments to the statement may be implemented without advance notification. The Company will specify the date of the last update on the Policy webpage. We recommend that you check it first before each visit to learn about any changes.

Last updated: November 24, 2023