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Irregular Business Conduct Report


We have always been committed to conduct all business activities with integrity and adopting a "zero tolerance" policy for any violation of ethical practices, and will not allow corruption or any other illegal acts. If you find any suspicious behavior or possible violation of law by ASMedia employees, please inform us. When reporting, please note the following:

  • Please provide your personal information, including your name, phone number, and email address. We will keep your personal information confidential and take protective measures in accordance with the law to protect your personal information and privacy from being leaked.
  • During the investigation period, your personal information may be used for the purpose of investigating the report and for contact purposes, but your personal information will not be provided to the person being reported.
  • In order to complete the investigation as soon as possible, you must provide specific evidence or documents (i.e. information about "people, places, and time of event"), and incomplete documents may cause difficulties in the investigation.
  • If the report is made with malice or intentional fabrication of false statements, you are responsible for the relevant legal liability.
  • All or part of the contents of the contact between ASMedia Technology and you shall not be disclosed to anyone. Except as required by law, you may not file a lawsuit or use the contents of such communications as information in connection with a lawsuit.

I have fully understood and agreed to the above description
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