Dear Candidates,

Thank you for applying job positions offered by ASMedia. According to Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act, please read the statutory statements below and indicate by clicking the “Agree" button that you agreed for ASMedia Technology to collect, process and utilize (including international transmission) of your following personal data before login to ASMedia Technology to begin maintain your online resume:

The candidate's personal data collection notice and declaration

  • I agree and authorize ASMedia Technology Inc., to obtain, collect, process, utilize and use my personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act for the purpose of internal recruitment assessment, and ASMedia will never disclose, deliver or make known to any third party who is not legally authorized.
  • I also agree and authorize ASMedia to contact previous company or personnel listed in the following form to confirm the correctness and completeness of the information such as current or past academic experience, and to provide consent to Company or personnel for enquiring relevant personal background information about the candidate and disclose or provide confidential data to the Company. However, the information requested cannot trespass the provisions prohibited by the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • I agree and am aware that incomplete and inaccurate filling of all items on this resume may result in inability to identify and notify recruitment-related information, or inability to assess whether the recruitment conditions of ASMedia Company are met.
  • I am assured that the information and statements provided are correct and legit. Else, will be dismissed and possibly charged with legal responsibilities if false claims are found.