General Description

ASMedia PCIe product ASM2824, a low latency, low cost and low power 24 lane , maximum 12 downstream ports packet switch. With upstream PCIe Gen3x8 bandwidth, ASM2824 can enable users to build up various high speed IO systems, including server, system storage or communication platforms.


Upstream PCIe interface

  • 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-lane PCIe® connecting with root port
  • Automatic detection of lane configuration on boot-up
  • Supporting transfer rate of 2.5Gb(250MB/s), 5Gb(500MB/s) or 8Gb(1GB/s) per lane

Downstream PCIe interface

  • 16 lane PCIe® 3.1 interface supporting up to 12 PCIe® ports
  • Support L0s/L1/L23/L3 power saving states
  • Support L1 substate deep power saving mode
  • Support wake up function in S3/S4
  • Support port disable by individual control
  • Support LTR
  • Support AER
  • Support SRIS on both upstream and downstream ports.
  • Max Payload Size = 512Byte
  • Support hot-plug, surprise remove

Package Type

LFBGA 21x21, 492L

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