General Description

ASM1166, a SATA host controller(AHCI) with upstream PCIe Gen3 x2 and downstream six SATA Gen3 ports. It is a low latency, low cost and low power AHCI controller with six SATA ports and cascaded port multipliers. ASM1166 can enable users to build up various high speed IO systems, including server, high capacity system storage or surveillance platforms.


PCIe interface

  • 1-, 2- lane PCIe® connecting with root port
  • Automatic detection of lane configuration on boot-up
  • Supporting transfer rate of 2.5Gb(250MB/s), 5Gb(500MB/s) or 8Gb(1GB/s) per lane
  • Support L0s/L1/L23/L3 power saving states
  • Support L1 substate deep power saving mode
  • Support LTR
  • Support AER
  • Support SRIS
  • Max Payload Size = 256Byte

SATA interface

  • AHCI SPEC Rev. 1.4
  • Six SATA Gen3 (6GBps) ports
  • Support NCQ
  • Support SATA LED
  • Supported port multiplier command based switching
  • Support Partial/Slumber power management
  • Support Device Sleep power managemen

General Features

  • 25MHz Crystal
  • Support SSC for both PCIe and SATA
  • GPIO for extra IO control

Package Type

10x10 QFN88

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