• ASM2362

    USB3.2 Gen2x1 to PCIe NVMe

    ASM2362 is an ASMedia first generation PCI Express(downstream port) to USB3.1(UFP) bridge, featuring interface of PCI Express Gen3 x2 and one USB3.1 Gen2 device port, providing high bandwidth up to 10Gbps between PCI Express Gen3 x2 bus and USB 3.1 SuperSpeedPlus bus. It can be used on external USB3.1 Gen2 NVM Express SSD application without additional driver, reaching over 1000MB/s excellent benchmark performance, integrating USB 10Gbps mux and Configuration Channel bus for type-C connector, supporting PCI Express M.2 socket, CF Express and SSD U.2 form factor, saving power consumption through USB and PCI Express Link power management and Chip power management, compliant with NVM Express revision 1.2.1, PCI Express Base Spec Revision 3.1a, USB3.1 Revision 1.0 and USB type-C Revision 1.3. ASM2362 is highly integrated with ASMedia USB3.1 Gen2 and PCI Express Gen3 self-designed PHYs, supplying 3.3V and 1.05V voltage, applying local 25MHz crystal, using 9x9 QFN64 RoHS Green package, supporting variable GPIOs for customized function. Target applications is for USB3.1 Gen2 NVM Express SSDs for high performance external SSD or on board SSD on PC, laptop, servers, docking stations and embedded system